Symptoms of Opioid Use Disorder

Typically the symptoms include the desire to take more than the intended opioid dose, increased tolerance to opioids, and withdrawal upon abrupt discontinuation of opioids. Individuals who are suffering from opioid use disorder usually fail to perform their important roles at home, work, or school because of the effects of the drug. Dependence on the substance can ruin family and social relationships in the long run. Overall, these are tell-tale signs that it is time to seek help from experts to get back to your life back to normal.

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Understanding Opioid Use Disorder

According to wikipedia, the medical condition known as opioid use disorder is caused by the inappropriate or excessive use of the opioid substance. Understanding the chronic illness is important to the whole recovery process.

About 11 percent of Americans reportedly have used prescription opioids for nonmedical use at some point in their lives. Regardless of the reasons, nonmedical use of the substance or any other drug will eventually have a physical, mental, and emotional toll on the user.

Our Philosophy

As a professional group of substance abuse counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and medical providers, it is our ultimate goal to assist Opioid Use Disorder patients in obtaining a higher quality of life. This chronic illness should not be left unmanaged because it is a serious problem no less real than diabetes and high blood pressure. As experts, we would like for you to understand the seriousness of the illness without your feeling moral failing and guilt in the process. Step by step, we will assist you as you rebuild your personal and professional relationships. If you are seeking Suboxone treatment in Greensboro NC, Restoration of Greensboro is the best place to look. Aside from our expertise with Suboxone, Greensboro residents will get appropriate counseling as a part of the whole rehabilitation process.

Professional Counseling

Restoration of Greensboro incorporates a therapy program that features individualized and group therapy based on the individual. We believe counseling is an important part of recovery and can stall or reverse the disease.

Individual counseling focuses on assisting the user to control cravings.  The process involves skill building, adherence to the Restoration of Greensboro recovery plan, as well as other important counseling tactics. The one on one strategy also allows us to strictly keep track of the progress of each patient. Opioid Use Disorder patients may participate in group therapy to help them get back on track with their social life. Group counseling is a social reinforcement therapy focused on enabling the patient to interact normally with other people without falling prey to old cues and relapsing.

Our professional counselors use a variety of therapies that are known to be effective in treating Opioid Use Disorder. Among these are cognitive-behavioral therapy, contingency management, motivational enhancement therapy, and the 12-step facilitation therapy.

Medication-Assisted Therapy

Data has shown that counseling alone is much more successful when paired with buprenorphine, Suboxone or Zubsolv.  This medication-assisted therapy with Suboxone treatment. Buprenorphine is a medication with unique pharmacological properties suitable for helping lower the misuse potential and avoidance of withdrawal, all while making drug overdose less dangerous. Suboxone and Zubsolv are important components of our program as 89% of patients undergoing “cold-turkey” will relapse.

Many patients with Opioid Use Disorder experience chronic pain as well.  Buprenorphine is an excellent pain medication that provides control and unparalleled safety within the opioid family.

Overall, it is our aim to provide excellent treatment in assisting you in beating Opioid Use Disorder.

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