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Your sciatic nerve is the largest in your body and that becomes painfully obvious when it’s compromised, leading to sciatica. At Restoration of Greensboro, Dr. Charles Plummer has a number of effective treatments that tackle the radiating pain associated with the condition, helping his patients in Greensboro, North Carolina, freely move about again. If you need a pain management specialist for your sciatica, call or fill out the form online to schedule an appointment.

Sciatica Q & A

What is sciatica?

Your sciatic nerve, which is the largest in your body, originates in your low back and travels down each of your legs to your feet. Sciatica describes a condition in which the nerve is compressed or irritated, which often leads to radiating pain down one of your legs. Sciatica can affect both of your legs, but this is very rare.

What are the symptoms of sciatica?

The most obvious symptom of sciatica is a pain on one side of your lower body, but the pain can differ depending upon the underlying source of your problem. Here’s how the pain, and other symptoms, can manifest themselves:

  • Shooting pain down one buttock and the back of your leg
  • Weakness in your leg
  • Numbness or tingling in your leg
  • A dull ache in your low back, buttock, and leg

Despite the fact that you may feel your symptoms down your leg, most sciatica problems stem from your low back where the nerve originates.

What causes sciatica?

Sciatica is technically a symptom of a larger issue in your low back, which may include:

  • A herniated disc
  • A bone spur
  • Diabetes (which causes nerve damage)

There are also several factors that put you more at risk of developing sciatica (including the aforementioned diabetes), such as:

  • Weight problems
  • Age
  • Sitting for long periods

Whatever the cause, you may be left with debilitating pain that prevents you from accomplishing even the simplest of tasks.

How is sciatica treated?

Sciatica pain can resolve itself within a few weeks, but if your pain stubbornly hangs on, there are a few things Dr. Plummer can do to help you find relief.

To help Dr. Plummer better assess your sciatica, you should arrange to have an MRI done on your lower back before your visit. This advanced imaging helps Dr. Plummer better pinpoint the problem and the extent of the nerve impingement.

With the source of your sciatica identified, Dr. Plummer turns to injection treatments and epidural steroids to help with the pain, while also addressing the inflammation that’s putting pressure on your sciatic nerve.

To find relief from sciatica, call Restoration of Greensboro or use the online scheduling tool to book an appointment.