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As the opioid abuse problem grabs national headlines, substance abuse, in general, is receiving long overdue attention as a chronic disease. At Restoration of Greensboro, Dr. Charles Plummer understands the far-reaching effects of substance abuse and works with his patients in Greensboro, North Carolina, to help them successfully overcome the problem. Through medical management and counseling, Dr. Plummer can help you break the chains of substance abuse. To take back control over your life, call or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

Substance Abuse Q & A

What is substance abuse?

Much like the name implies, substance abuse is the use of psychoactive substances in a way that is harmful. While this definition seems simple enough, substance abuse is anything but simple, as it can have a far-reaching effect on both your mental and physical health.

Substance abuse leads to addiction and dependency, essentially taking over your life in myriad ways and leaving you with little to no control over your actions.

When substance abuse becomes an addiction, it is considered a chronic disease. It affects your behavior and your life in substantial ways, as well as the lives of those around you, especially family and friends.

What happens during substance abuse?

When you develop a drug addiction, your brain’s chemistry becomes rewired, which leads to abnormal messaging, especially pleasure messaging. As a result, your brain starts to signal hungrily for more pleasure, often drowning out any other messages. This leads to often uncontrollable cravings that you’re unable to resist, so you begin to take more drugs.

At the same time as this addiction is created by your brain, your body also forms a dependency to the drug, much like it does for caffeine or tobacco, and your body responds poorly to any attempt to take the substance away. Your body also begins to build up a tolerance for your drug of choice, which leads you to take more of the drug in order to feel the same effects when you started.

How is substance abuse treated?

At Restoration of Greensboro, Dr. Plummer understands the nature of substance abuse, especially when it comes to opioid use disorder. Above all, Dr. Plummer understands that substance abuse exacts a heavy toll on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, which is why he prefers a multi-pronged approach to treating the disease.

Dr. Plummer uses medications to help with withdrawal, combined with behavioral therapy and group counseling. Because substance abuse leads to a rewiring in your brain, Dr. Plummer recommends treatments that restore your wiring through medications and therapy, allowing you to gain control over your life again.

If you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem, trust the compassionate care at Restoration of Greensboro. Call or use the online booking tool to find out more.